The History Of The Pixels

Once upon a time in the late hours of May 7th, 2023, Twitch Dot TV Hackerling (haha thats me ) went live.

If you have ever visited the World Wide Web, you may have heard of the Million Dollar Webpage. Twitch TV Hackerling ponders about investments such as this one and their true value.

Below is a clip of the fabled moment in history.

5 brave Twitch chat members may have not believed that the joke would have been followed through on. They didn't know it was even a joke to be followed through on. They didn't realize.

It's worth it because it's funny.

All 2 synapses in The Hackerling's brain fired at once. She spent the next few days working on this truly monumental project. It actually didn't take that long dont worry

Congratulations to the new Pixel owners!

thank you hoffer for helping me resolve why embed dont embed

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